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Oregon Surgical Technologist Salary - OR

On average, the surgical tech salary in Oregon is $45,000 per annum. There is a great distinction, however, between levels of experience, facility type, and locations within Oregon, as many of these factors have the potential to dramatically impact your annual income. It goes without saying that new surgical techs will not have the benefit of years of experience. That is nonessential, though, because the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a sharp demand for surgical techs through 2018, roughly a 25% increase. This type of demand in the profession will help to open many doors of opportunity so that you may gain the experience needed to get you to the top of the pay scale.

Consider also that specialty surgery clinics in Oregon tend to pay higher annual salaries. While it is your ultimate decision to work in whichever facility type you feel most comfortable, it is worth noting that specialty clinics seem to be where the higher dollars are for surgical technologists in Oregon.

Because the cost of living and rate of pay varies by geographic location in Oregon, below are some annual surgical tech salaries in Oregon by city:

  • Portland: $40,000
  • Eugene: $41,000
  • Salem: $37,000
  • Hillsboro: $40,000
  • Beaverton: $39,000

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