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Pediatric Nursing Colleges in Illinois - IL

Essentially, there are four types of pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) programs in Illinois: master degrees, post-master certificates, accelerated bridge degrees, and doctorate degrees. State and private universities in Chicago, Quad Cities, Rockford, Urbana, and Peoria are the primary sources for pediatric nursing degrees and programs in the state for campus-based education and training.

Some program options found here include: Master of Science in Advance Practice Nursing: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (48 credits), Master of Science in Nursing: Acute/Chronic Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (65 credits), Master of Science in Nursing: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (45-66 credits), Post-Master’s Certificate: Acute/Chronic Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and Post-Master’s Certificate: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Of course, many of these same programs can also be accessed through online schools where students can earn unique degrees like BSN-DNP: Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner from the convenience of home or office.

Pediatric nurse practitioner programs in Illinois come in a variety of different formats. For instance, often students can choose to participate in either full-time or part-time study. In addition, many on-site universities allow students to complete programs through distance learning or partial online education to minimize the need for classroom attendance. Yet, regardless of the style and length of instruction, all pediatric nursing programs consist of curriculums that encompass nursing core and specialty coursework as well as applied clinical practice in health care settings.

Some actual required courses found in programs in Illinois include: Clinical Management of Pediatric Health and Illness, Issues & Research in Population-Based Nursing Practice, Advanced Nursing Care for the Well Infant, Child, and Adolescent, Child and Family Development Throughout the Lifespan, and Pharmacotherapeutics in Pediatrics.

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