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Pediatric Nursing Colleges in Kansas - KS

Students considering attending pediatric nurse practitioner programs in Kansas have options to take courses either online or in the classroom. Students will study the concepts of health assessment of children, the role of the pediatric nurse practitioner, pediatric growth and development, and drug therapy. Additionally, students will be expected to complete a selected number of clinical practice hours. During this time, a student will practice working as a pediatric nurse practitioner with a preceptor who can teach medical procedures and expectations for the nurse practitioner role.

Students who choose to study for master’s degrees in nursing with this specialty may consider an online option, which provides flexibility for classroom work. Students have the option of taking courses through Internet-based classes and then working at local organizations under the guidance of a preceptor to complete the required clinical practice hours. This option works well for Kansas’ students who live in some of the rural areas of the state and who may have access to local healthcare facilities in some of the smaller towns. Other students may also consider clinical practice work in some of the larger communities, such as Topeka, Salina or Kansas City, if these cities are in close proximity.

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