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Pediatric Nursing Colleges in Maryland - MD

Pediatric nurse practitioner programs in Maryland admit students once they have completed undergraduate training and have earned a registered nurse license in the state. Education for PNPs is at the graduate or post-graduate level. A PNP may choose a nursing degree such as a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with a specialization as a pediatric nurse practitioner, or a Doctor of Nurse Practitioner (DNP).

Students who study to become a PNP will take the same basic nurse practitioner courses in theory, as well as some specialized courses having to do with a pediatric patient base. In addition, clinical training is highly emphasized in PNP education, with prospective PNPs getting the chance to put their classroom skills and knowledge into practice in a real-life setting.

After graduation, certification and licensure, PNPs must sign an agreement on which they have collaborated with a physician and submit it to the state board of nursing. It takes approximately two to four months for the board to approve this agreement, at which time a PNP is ready to practice in Maryland. They will join more than 3000 graduate-trained, licensed nurse practitioners in the state (quoted by the Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland). PNPs are quite necessary in Maryland as they are helping to fill the primary care gap created by a shortage in primary care physicians.

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