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Pediatric Nursing Colleges in Massachusetts - MA

Pediatric nurse practitioner programs in Massachusetts train registered nurses at the graduate level. Prior to beginning PNP education, one must have a license to practice as an RN in Massachusetts, which often involves having a bachelor’s degree. PNP training exists at the master’s and doctoral level at ten colleges and universities in Massachusetts, as well as through online institutions. Those who choose a master’s level PNP program will spend an average of two years in training, while those in doctoral programs will take about four years to get their advanced nursing degree.

The commonwealth of Massachusetts does not grant a PNP license to qualified advanced practice RNs. Rather, the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing grants authorizations to practice within a specific domain of advanced practice registered nursing, one of which is nurse practitioner (RN/NP). 

Classes that students usually take in a PNP program focus on assessment, diagnosis and treatment of illness, injuries and disease in children and adolescents, as well as courses in pharmacology. In addition, students in a PNP program are required to complete a specific amount of clinical training and experience prior to graduation. This will test their knowledge of the core competencies of the profession.

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