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Pediatric Nursing Colleges in New Hampshire - NH

Pediatric NP-level pediatric nursing requires specialized training and education beyond that of RNs; however, registered nurses licensed to practice in New Hampshire are invited to apply for PNP programs in the state. Becoming a PNP in New Hampshire requires a graduate-level nursing degree. Some RNs with a bachelor’s degree choose to enroll in Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs, while other MSN programs will admit RNs to a master’s program who may not already have a bachelor’s degree. Others choose to study for an even more advanced Doctor in Nurse Practitioner (DNP) degree.

Courses in a graduate nursing program may be taken online or in person, but the clinical component of any PNP training program must be taken in person. Course titles common to all nurse practitioner programs include health care systems, leadership, the discipline of nursing, pharmacology and clinical epidemiology.

Additionally, a PNP student will take specialized courses dealing with primary care and treatment of children and adolescents. Clinical experiences will take place at hospitals affiliated with nursing schools in New Hampshire. Some hospitals where PNPs may find clinical experience opportunities or even employment include Wentworth Douglas Hospital, Concord Hospital, Cheshire Medical Center and Catholic Medical Center.

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