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Pediatric Nursing Colleges in North Carolina - NC

There are several educational programs that will enable a student to become a pediatric nurse practitioner in the state of North Carolina. One requirement is that a student is already a registered nurse and has worked a minimum of one year in a clinical environment. Because licensure as a nurse practitioner requires a master’s level of education, the most efficient way, educationally speaking, to obtain the necessary education is to first obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing. There are other pathways; however they may require additional schooling prior to enrollment in a master’s program.

Full-time master’s programs typically take two to two and a half years of schooling, while part-time students often take three or more years. Many schools offer both options, offering flexibility to students with busy schedules. Individual student needs and interests are also considered through clinical placements, elective course topics, and Web-based courses.

Some schools require minimum grade point averages in previous nursing education as well as competitive scores on the GRE examination. A personal statement or interview and letters of recommendation may also be required for admittance to competitive programs.

The core curriculum of a master’s degree program for pediatric nurse practitioners might contain topics such as health assessment and diagnostic reasoning (including data from the patient’s history and physical examination); pharmacology; pathophysiology; and clinical management of common health problems and diseases.

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