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Pediatric Nursing Colleges in South Carolina - SC

Because of the importance of certification and accreditation, pediatric nursing colleges in South Carolina have developed their programs not only to meet the growing demands of the nursing community, but also to maintain standards laid out by the South Carolina Board of Nursing, sometimes referred to as the SCBN.

In order to receive licensure in South Carolina, the SCBN requires that all pediatric nursing professionals complete the appropriate levels of education. The amount of education required depends on which path of pediatric nursing you choose to take, particularly if you are interested in becoming a nurse practitioner.

In South Carolina, all pediatric nurses are registered as RNs and have the minimum level of a bachelor’s degree in nursing. However, because nurse practitioners are delegated much greater responsibilities, professionals at this level are required to have not less than a master of science degree in nursing with a major in pediatric care.

Because of the growing demand for nursing professionals in South Carolina, colleges and universities are now offering accelerated programs.

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