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Pediatric Nurse Salary in Alabama - AL

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not provide separate salary statistics for pediatric nurse practitioners, but instead groups them in with health diagnosing and treating practitioners. According to the BLS, the average pediatric nurse salary in Alabama is $51,370. Other websites, however, list the going pay rate for the average pediatric nurse practitioner in Alabama differently. Nursing salaries are typically higher for nurses who have advanced graduate training (including Advanced Practice Registered Nurses such as Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners). quotes the typical pediatric nurse practitioner salary in Alabama as $102,000 and goes on to state that pediatric nurse practitioner salaries in Alabama are about 5% higher than the average statistics for pediatric nurse practitioner salaries across the United States. Within the state of Alabama, salary figures for PNPs may differ as well. Examine the following salary figures for PNPs who practice in different parts of Alabama, obtained at

  • Montgomery:  $89,000
  • Huntsville:  $96,000
  • Birmingham:  $89,000
  • Mobile:  $79,000

Job postings on for PNPs show similar salary offerings. One posting for a PNP at the University of Alabama Health System at Birmingham offers a starting salary of $65,608, with a salary cap at $101,352. While this is not the salary for all PNP positions in Alabama, it does offer a glimpse into the reality of what the average PNP in Alabama earns per year.  

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