Pediatric Nurse Annual Salary Alaska - AK

The average pediatric nurse salary in Alaska differs depending upon the source from which you receive information. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the U.S. Department of Labor, pediatric nurse practitioners make the same salary as health diagnosing and treating practitioners in Alaska, which is $94,000 per year. The website indeed.com cites the average pediatric nurse practitioner salary as $86,000 annually, but also notes that pediatric nursing salaries may rise to $89,000 for pediatric nurse practitioners working in critical care units.

Salaries tend to differ for PNPs working in different metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas of Alaska. For example, a PNP working in Juneau can expect an average annual salary of $74,000, according to indeed.com. A PNP that practices in Fairbanks will also make $74,000 annually. Sitka’s PNPs average about $91,000 per year; while PNPs working in Fairbanks tend to make about $77,000 each year. Pediatric nurse practitioners working in the southeast seaside city of Sitka make salaries that are up to 22% higher than average PNP salaries in other parts of Alaska, according to indeed.com. This may be due to Sitka’s more remote island location, as it is located on the western side of Baranof Island, which possibly increases the need for primary care providers for all ages, especially pediatric nurse practitioners.

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