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Pediatric Nurse Annual Salary Arizona - AZ

As of this writing, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the United States Department of Labor does not list pediatric nursing salaries separately from salaries of registered nurses. Therefore, the BLS quotes the average pediatric nurse salary in Arizona as $67,130. If one examines the salary statistics for health diagnosing and treating practitioners, the salary listed by the BLS for these practitioners in Arizona is $47,540. Neither of these figures seems to reflect the added years of training and clinical experience that is required of pediatric nurse practitioners in the state of Arizona.

Another website,, offers a clearer picture of the average pediatric nurse practitioner salary in Arizona. Here, this figure is listed as $84,000, which is a more logical sounding salary for PNPs. Salaries for PNPs, as for all health care professionals, tend to fluctuate depending upon where one practices. For example, the average PNP salary in Glendale is listed as $80,000; and   the average PNP salary in Mesa is also quoted as being $80,000 per year. In Phoenix, according to, the average PNP makes $79,000   annually; while in Tucson, PNPs typically make about $75,000 per year. PNPs working in Sedona can expect to make about $80,000   annually.

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