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Pediatric Nurse Annual Salary Arkansas - AR

While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not distinguish between RNs and advanced practice nurses, they do provide some genral figures. The BLS quotes the average registered nurse (RN) salary as being $57,040 in Arkansas, and the salary of a health diagnosing and treating practitioner in Arkansas as $76,390. The average pediatric nurse salary in Arkansas could be construed as either of those two figures, depending on which information you quote. reports the average pediatric nurse practitioner salary in Arkansas to be $87,000. This figure seems more in line with the current salaries that pediatric nurse practitioner jobs in Arkansas are offering applicants. Salaries for pediatric nurse practitioners vary depending upon the part of Arkansas in which one works and the physical setting of one’s job (i.e., hospital vs. private practice). Here are some average figures for salaries of pediatric nurse practitioners working in diverse areas of Arkansas:

  • Little Rock:  $75,000
  • Jonesboro:  $91,000
  • Fayetteville:  $85,000
  • Paragould:  $80,000
  • Hot Springs:  $76,000
  • Bentonville:  $87,000
  • Springdale:  $85,000
  • Altus:  $87,000
  • Helena:  $54,000
  • Mountain View:  $65,000

Pediatric nurse practitioner salaries, just like salaries of almost any allied health care profession, seem to be higher in metropolitan areas and lower in suburban or rural areas of Arkansas.

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