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Pediatric Nurse Salary in Florida - FL

Once pediatric nurses become state certified as advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs), there are literally dozens of different venues they are qualified to work in. Some more common employment settings include acute care centers, child development and wellness centers, interdisciplinary nurse practitioner offices, private practices, adolescent rehabilitation facilities, and community health and family health centers. However, according to the State of Florida: Agency for Workforce Innovation, approximately 67% of health care workers are employed in offices of physicians and general/medical and surgical hospitals. Furthermore, the counties with the highest concentration of employed health care workers include: Palm Beach, Duval, Broward, Hillsborough, Miami-Dade, and Orange. Pediatric nurses that live or/work in major cities like Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and St. Petersburg may find great job opportunities available at Baptist Medical Center, Florida Hospital Orlando, Memorial Regional Hospital, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Jackson Memorial Hospital, and Miami Children’s Hospital, Florida Hospital for Children. reports that the average annual pediatric nurse salary in Florida is $77,000. Yet, salaries averages usually differ across different geographic locations within the state. For instance, pediatric nurses employed in Miami earn $74,000 annually, while those working in Tampa and St. Petersburg tend to earn closer to $71,000 annually. Those employed in the state’s capital, Tallahassee, are more likely to have an average salary of $70,000/yr. Pediatric nurses finding employment the largest city in Florida, Jacksonville, can expect an annual salary of $68,000/yr. Pediatric nurse practitioners generally earn about 20% more than their pediatric RN counterparts.  This demonstrates how professionals can influence their personal earning potentials by earning doctorate degrees, acquiring additional credentials in other areas of specialization, and gaining more formal training and experience.

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