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Pediatric Nurse Annual Salary Minnesota - MN

The pediatric nurse salary in Minnesota is contingent on the type of degree an individual attains as well as the location in which he opts to work.  In general, those who earn graduate degrees earn more than their colleagues who possess only an undergraduate degree, and those who work in more densely populated cities where the patient load is heavier often earn more than their counterparts in more suburban and rural settings.

According to the Department of Labor, annual salaries for this career can range from approximately $64,000 for pediatric nurses to $89,000 for pediatric nurse practitioners.  With the number of people entering the health care profession expected to boom by more than 20% in the next few years, wages in pediatric nursing are likely to remain competitive to encourage more people to pursue this specialized area of practice. 

Opportunities for employment in facilities like St. Mary’s Hospital, United Hospital, Abbott Northwestern Hospital and the Children’s of Minnesota will be available for these professionals as will placement in private physician practices.  Certainly, pediatric nurses will continue to remain in demand in Minnesota as well as across the country as children are born and require expert treatment and attention to ensure their healthy development.

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