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Pediatric Nurse Annual Salary Mississippi - MS

The pediatric nurse salary in Mississippi varies depending on the kind of credential one earns and where in the state he is employed.  Typically, pediatric nurse practitioners that possess graduate degrees earn higher salaries than pediatric nurses who possess only BSN degrees.  This is evidenced in Bureau of Labor Statistics data, which report the annual wages of registered nurses in the state to be approximately $57,000 while nurse practitioners earn approximately $122,000.  In addition, those who are employed in more heavily populated cities like Jackson and Gulfport, the two largest cities in the state, may earn more than those in either more suburban or remote areas where there may not be as many patients who require care.

Looking forward, federal government projections include a more than 20% surge in the number of professionals employed in health care jobs by 2018.  This boom is attributable to factors such as an emphasis on preventive medicine, the growing number of older adults and the increased number of years in the average lifespan.  Given the addition of about 600,000 employees in the health care in the near future, pediatric nurses and pediatric nurse practitioners will find employment opportunities in facilities like Tupelo Hospital and Baptist Memorial Hospital as well as in private practices. 

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