Pediatric Nurse Annual Salary Missouri - MO

In 2007-2009, the median household income in Missouri was $47,000.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the pediatric nurse salary in Missouri ranges from approximately $57,000 for those with bachelor degrees to about $100,000 for those with advanced degrees.  This is typical, as wages generally correspond with degree type, i.e., graduate degree holders commonly earn more than those who possess only undergraduate credentials.  Salaries also depend on where nurses are employed; those who work in city settings often earn more because they must serve more patients than their suburban and rural colleagues.

Jobs in health care across the Show Me State in cities like Springfield, Independence, St. Louis and Kansas City are certain to increase significantly before the start of the third millennium in correspondence with the national projection for the field.  The Department of Labor expects more than 600,000 health care jobs will be created by 2018.  Even now the nation faces a supply-demand health care challenge, and the overwhelming need for medical experts will be a primary reason for this employment increase.  This, too, is true for pediatric nurses and pediatric nurse practitioners who will continue to be relied on for their skill and expertise to ensure infants, children and adolescents receive proper medical attention during their developmental years. 

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