Pediatric Nurse Annual Salary Ohio - OH

Ohio is one of the most populated states in the country. Three of its metropolitan areas, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus, have more than a million people. Both the Cincinnati and Cleveland metropolitan areas have more than two million residents. There are six cities that have more than 100,000 residents each. Job opportunities for pediatric nurse practitioners in these types of areas are excellent, as they make up part of the health care workforce in hospitals, clinics, private physicians’ offices, schools, and governmental agencies.

Hospitals such as the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, the Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus, and Mercy Children’s Hospital in Toledo offer not only clinical experience for nursing students, but are also excellent prospective employers for pediatric nurse practitioners.

Forward-thinking administrators realize the value nurse practitioners add to their health care team. In large facilities often found in cities, nurse practitioners can ease the caseload burden of physicians because of their special training and qualifications. In smaller facilities, especially in rural areas, nurse practitioners fill a need by serving as primary health care providers, often making diagnoses and treatment plans for children who are ill.

Salaries for pediatric nurse practitioners vary depending on many factors, including years of experience, type of employer, and geographic location. A survey of average annual salaries based on information from Indeed.com shows quite a range of earning potential, as shown below:

  • Columbus:  $80,000
  • Cleveland:  $80,000
  • Cincinnati:  $81,000
  • Toledo:  $77,000
  • Akron:  $66,000
  • Dayton:  $84,000
  • Canton:  $71,000

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