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Pediatric Nurse Annual Salary Oklahoma - OK

The average pediatric nurse salary in Oklahoma depends largely on whether you are employed as a pediatric nurse or pediatric nurse practitioner, as professionals at these levels have vastly different amounts of education and responsibility. In general, a pediatric nurse in Oklahoma can expect to earn about $55,000; which is an average of $26.44 per hour. However, pediatric nurse practitioners can expect that their higher level of education is going to afford them greater financial potential. In fact, the average salary for a pediatric nurse practitioner in Oklahoma is around $95,000 per year; about 42% higher than that of a registered pediatric nurse.

It is important to note, however, that sometimes alignment with professional organizations can not only enhance your professional image, but also increase your future earning potential by identifying yourself as someone dedicated to the practice of nursing. The Oklahoma Nurses Association is an organization that allows nursing professionals of all specialties to come together to improve the nursing profession in Oklahoma and address some of the major concerns surrounding it, such as workforce decline and patient care.

Keep in mind that location also has an impact on pediatric nurse practitioners’ annual income, as seen below:

  • Oklahoma City: $86,000
  • Tulsa: $79,000
  • Norman: $86,000

Salary figures from reflect salaries aggregated from current job postings in the state.

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