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Pediatric Nurse Annual Salary South Carolina - SC

In general, a pediatric nurse’s annual salary in South Carolina is dependent upon several factors; namely whether you are practicing as a pediatric nurse or nurse practitioner. In South Carolina, the majority of pediatric nurses make between $49,000 and $56,000 each year. However, pediatric nurse practitioners can expect that their skilled level of knowledge and delegated level of responsibility will see them making an average of $86,000 each year.

Facility type also plays an important role in determining salary figures for pediatric nursing professionals in South Carolina.  Regardless of the direction you take your career, you can expect that as a pediatric nurse or nurse practitioner in South Carolina you may seek employment with some of the largest health care facilities in the state; including Roper Hospital, Palmetto Health, Providence Hospital, and Medical University of South Carolina.

Here are some of the average annual figures for pediatric nurse practitioners in South Carolina:

  • Columbia: $78,000
  • Charleston: $86,000
  • Greenville: $82,000

Salary figures from reflect salaries aggregated from current job postings in the state.

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