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Pediatric Nurse Annual Salary Utah - UT

The State of Utah offers pediatric nurses (PNs) and pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) an average annual salary ranging from $67,000 for PNs to $88,000 for PNPs based on figures published by

The pediatric nurse’s annual salary in Utah relies on various determinants, including whether the position is for a pediatric nurse or nurse practitioner, or if either position concentrates on a specialty area.  For instance, neonatal nurse practitioners earn less than pediatric critical care nurse practitioners.  A PN’s or PNP’s level of training and years of experience, as well as the type of facility in which he or she works, are additional factors affecting any given salary.

In February 2011, supplied data for different cities in Utah revealing more annual salary ranges for PNs, PNP:

  • Provo: $44,000-PN $76,000-PNP.
  • Salt Lake City: $49,000-PN $86,000-PNP
  • West Jordon: $52,000-PN $ 92,000-PNP
  • West Valley: $49,000-PN $86,000-PNP

Contemplate the significant difference between annual salaries of $44,000 for pediatric nurses in Provo, compared to annual salaries of $92,000 for pediatric critical care nurse practitioners in West Jordon.  This reveals how one’s potential earning power relates to geographical location, combined with higher education and specialized areas of study.

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