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Pediatric Nurse Annual Salary Virginia - VA

Pediatric nurse practitioners are valuable assets to the health care profession in Virginia. As much of the state’s population lives in rural, hard to reach areas, PNPs are often the primary care professional for children living in these areas. The job of pediatric nurse practitioner is one with a bright future in Virginia as well as in the rest of the country. Luckily, nursing salaries reflect the demand for highly trained, well-qualified pediatric nurse practitioners.

According to, the average pediatric nurse practitioner salary in Virginia is $104,000. This is contrasted with the annual salary of a registered nurse in the state, shown by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as $63,270. It worth pointing out that pediatric nurse practitioners in Virginia make an average of $40,000 more per year than their RN counterparts.

Jobs for pediatric nurse practitioners in Virginia may be found in medical facilities, physician’s offices, school systems, community and public health offices, and in private business and industry.

Cities in Virginia with jobs for PNPs include Richmond, Arlington, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Alexandria, Hampton and Chesapeake. The average PNP salaries for these cities, also provided by, are noted below:

  • Richmond:  $93,000
  • Arlington:  $116,000
  • Norfolk:  $81,000
  • Virginia Beach:  $82,000
  • Portsmouth:  $81,000
  • Alexandria:  $116,000
  • Hampton:  $80,000
  • Chesapeake:  $82,000
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