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Become a CNA in Pennsylvania

Steps to become a CNA in Pennsylvania

Certified nurse assistants typically have the most contact with patients and permanent residents at nursing facilities.  Therefore, gentleness, understanding, and patience are all highly regarded qualities in a nurse aide.  The ability to maintain composure while attending to older and sometimes terminally ill patients is critical to becoming a successful nurse aide.  In Pennsylvania, there is clearly a great need for certified nurse assistants.  About 75,000 people are active certified nurse aides, attendants, or orderlies in the state of Pennsylvania.

After high school, prospective nurse aides can apply for a position at a nurse facility or long term care facility.  If hired or made an employment offer, all training fees and preparation costs for being a nurse aide will be covered.  Before being certified in Pennsylvania, nurse aides must first complete a 75-hour CNA certification program and pass an evaluation.  Although only a few of the skills learned during the training program will be tested, it is important for nurse aide trainees to retain as much of their given instruction as possible since emergencies and infections with patients can occur suddenly and it is the nurse aide’s primary responsibility to recognize any troubles or failing health experienced by patients or residents.

In Pennsylvania, nurse aide certifications expire every two years and must be renewed.  Only nurse aides who are paid and work at least eight hours during their certification period are able to renew.  Self-employed and private duty nurse aides are not recognized for renewal.  It is generally suggested that nurse aides keep a valid registry card with them to prove their credential and remind them of their renewal date.

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