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Pennsylvania Healthcare Administration Salaries - PA

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the number of jobs in the field of healthcare administration is increasing faster than average, giving this profession a very positive projected outlook in the coming years.  This is a trend that is projected to continue for at least the next decade.

Extensive education and training is required for an individual to gain the qualifications necessary to market themselves as a healthcare administrator, and the salary they receive reflects this required time and effort.  If this is a profession that interests you and you have the time and dedication needed to succeed, you will be rewarded with a very substantial salary.  Graduates will be a good fit for healthcare management positions if they possess natural leadership abilities combined with excellent communication and managerial skills. Hands-on experience in healthcare can always be acquired, but these natural characteristics will go a long way toward preparing the right person for a rewarding career as a healthcare administrator.

The healthcare administration salary in Pennsylvania is quite good throughout the state, with the best salaries likely to be found in or near the more densely populated areas.  Some examples of the median salaries in these areas are:

Philadelphia - $63,000
Pittsburgh - $66,000
Allentown - $55,000
Erie - $58,000

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