Long Term Care Class in Pennsylvania - PA

Pennsylvania has stringent requirements for schooling for nursing home administrators. Those interested in long term care training in Pennsylvania will want to know the rules mandated by the Pennsylvania State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators. Regardless of what bachelor degree you hold, you must also complete at least a 120 hour program in classes for nursing home administration that is approved by the board. In addition to the classroom experience requirement, the state also requires that you have work experience in something other than a personal care facility. Your experience must have been at least 1000 hours long, have occurred within a certain period of time prior to submitting the application, and you must have acted either as a full time assistant administrator or administrator in training in a long term care home, as a full time supervisor in a nursing home, or as a full time director in a long term care home. Your employer must also provide a detailed description of the applicable work experience you are claiming. 

The state of Pennsylvania’s examination for nursing home administrators will test other knowledge you will obtain during training, namely that of Act 122 (Nursing Home Administrators License Act); of  Pennsylvania Code, Title 49: Professional and Vocational Standards, Chapter 39 ; of  Pennsylvania Code, Title 28: Health and Safety, Part IV. Health Facilities, Subpart A, General Provisions, Chapter 51; of Pennsylvania Code, Title 28: Health and Safety, Part IV. Health Facilities, Subpart C. Long Term Care Facilities, Chapters 201, 203, 205, 207, 209, 211; and of Code of Federal Regulations, Title 42: Public Health, Chapter IV, Part 483, Requirements for States and Long Term Care Facilities.

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