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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Pennsylvania - PA

Pennsylvania Medical Transcription Salaries

Medical transcriptionists play a vital role on health care teams in Pennsylvania and enjoy an in-demand medical career offering work environments ranging from a busy hospital to their own home computers. Responsibilities include receiving doctors’ recorded procedure notes, transcribing voice recordings into typed manuscripts and returning manuscripts to doctors for filing.

Required skills for a career in medical transcription in Pennsylvania include fast and accurate audio typing, knowledge of grammar and punctuation, an understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, treatment assessments, and the legal and ethical issues surrounding medical reports, good listening skills, and the ability to edit for clarity, mistakes, and inconsistencies. Experience and additional training can lead to supervisory positions or a career in medical records, medical coding, or as a health information technician or administrator. Medical transcriptionists usually earn higher salaries than those in traditional typing jobs. Starting hourly salaries begin at $13.75 and can increase to about $20 per hour or more. The average Pennslyvania medical transcription salary is around $35,000, according to

Medical transcriptionists in Pennsylvania generally obtain an associate degree and complete the appropriate medical transcription training courses for certification and to be considered employable as a medical transcriptionist. The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity provides two levels of examinations: the Registered Medical Transcriptionist exam for a Level 1 medical transcriptionist and the Certified Medical Transcriptionist exam for experienced medical transcriptionists with professional skills (Level 2).

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