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Pennsylvania Medical Transcription Training Programs

Individuals who want to get serious about a career as a medical transcriptionist should have formal training. There are programs for medical transcription training in Pennsylvania, mostly offered through online modalities.  After the student completes a two-year study program for medical transcription, he or she is typically provided with a certificate or diploma proving that they have completed the required studies for the job.

Candidates with the skills suggested for a Registered Medical Transcriptionist Examination of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity include those who have recently graduated from a medical transcription education program, medical transcriptionists with fewer than two years’ experience in an acute care setting, or a medical transcriptionist practicing in a single-specialty clinic, radiology and pathology areas. Those candidates well-suited for success on the Certified Medical Transcriptionist exam include those with two years of transcription experience in the acute care setting (or equivalent). Any candidate is deemed “eligible�? and granted permission to take either exam.

Although, those taking exams are not required to have membership with AHDI, members do receive discounts on exam fees. Fees for the RMT exam are $200 for non-members and $120 for AHDI members. CMT exam feels are $275 for non-members and $195 for members.

Pennsylvania Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity 

The Pennsylvania Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity encourages and supports medical transcriptionists to pursue professional development, further their education, and obtain certification; connects members through networking; and promotes the profession through advocacy within the state and beyond. To learn more about the PAHDI, visit the web site at

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