Midwife Salary in Pennsylvania - PA

Midwife Salary in Pennsylvania - PA

Pennsylvania Midwife Salaries

The average Midwife salary in Pennsylvania is around $85,000 per year, which is a fantastic amount of money to earn for such a fulfilling career. This number is simply an average, however, and many factors are crucial to what you will indefinitely earn. One of the largest factors to consider is experience. As a new graduate and midwife, you will naturally be somewhat lacking in this area. But the wave of the future of the profession lies in the hands of new midwives entering the field. As your experience and client base starts to expand, you will definitely see a change in your paycheck.

Another aspect to consider is your location. Annual income does have a structured relation to the cost of living in a particular geographical area. Naturally, areas that tend to be more expensive to live in will generate higher income dollars for its inhabitants. Additionally, while larger practices and hospitals tend to generate more revenue, thus enabling them to pay their midwives more, smaller facilities are now competing to attract qualified professionals.
Don’t forget that professional affiliations within the State of Pennsylvania can help you to be more recognized, as well.

Here is a reference list that will give you an idea of the salary you can expect to earn as a midwife, depending upon where you live in Pennsylvania:

  • Philadelphia: $81,000
  • Pittsburgh: $74,000
  • Allentown: $73,000
  • Erie: $73,000
  • Reading: $75,000
  • Scranton: $59,000

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