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Personal Trainers in Pennsylvania

Personal trainers are in great demand these days, in Pennsylvania and across the country. A recent study citing the overall poor health of Americans has prompted an explosion of fitness activity in gyms in every community. Becoming a personal trainer in Pennsylvania is relatively easy, and there are several levels of expertise, each requiring different amounts of education and certification.

Personal trainers are professionals who work with individuals one-on-one or in small groups, primarily on location at a client’s home or in a professional gym. Trainers work with their clients on personalized workout routines and counsel them on nutrition and fitness goals. Personal trainers can work a widely varied schedule, as fits the needs of the client.  For some personal trainers this may mean often working nights and weekends.

How to Become a Personal Trainer in Pennsylvania

There are plenty of online and campus-based options for those seeking Pennsylvania personal trainer certification programs.  Aspiring students who wish to pursue this career field, from personal trainer programs at community colleges to bachelor degree programs in kinesiology at state universities, can do so through online programs and campus-based institutions offering Pennsylvania personal trainer certification programs.  Although Pennsylvania does not currently have its own licensing process for personal trainers, it has not ruled out the possibility of instituting one in the future.

Although personal trainers in Pennsylvania are not required to meet any state licensing requirements, attracting clients or gym referrals is much easier if a trainer has a certification and continuing education credentials. Personal trainers gain credibility in the fitness industry when they can claim national certification or some measure of formal education in kinesiology, physical education, nutrition and health, or fitness training from an accredited university. Several major universities in Pennsylvania offer kinesiology programs, and every university offers physical education and nutrition programs.

There are online certification programs available, which can help you find a job in a gym or health facility, or attract clients once you establish your own personal training business. Some of those programs require that applicants have some background in personal training and/or education before starting the courses.

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