Average Salary for a Personal Trainer in Pennsylvania - PA

Salary Information for Personal Trainers in Pennsylvania

According to Indeed.com, the average salary of a personal trainer in Pennsylvania is around $89,000. The following list includes the average salaries for a number of locations in the state:

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania personal trainer salary: $87,000
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania personal trainer salary: $79,000
  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania personal trainer salary: $81,000
  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania personal trainer salary: $72,000
  • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania personal trainer salary: $78,000
  • Hershey, Pennsylvania personal trainer salary: $80,000
  • Allentown, Pennsylvania personal trainer salary: $79,000

Career Outlook for Personal Trainers in Pennsylvania

There is a huge surge in people looking to improve their health and general fitness, and personal trainers are benefiting from that trend. With the baby boomers aging into their retirement years, the need for fitness trainers at all levels is increasing. The national forecast is for the health and fitness industry to expand by 50% over the next decade, which is great news for personal trainers nationwide and in Pennsylvania.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Continuing education is not required for personal trainers in Pennsylvania, yet it is a good career move to stay current on CPR and First Aid training and take additional coursework in health, nutrition, and fitness topics. Classes are readily available online and at most colleges and universities, and even some fitness clubs offer training for trainers. 

Personal Trainer Schools

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