Physical Therapy Pay in Pennsylvania - PA

Although the pathway to becoming a physical therapist is not simple, the rewards are many. Having the satisfaction of helping individuals that are hurting is a great reward. As well, you will find decent pay for the level of education you worked towards. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the median wages for Physical Therapists for the entire US is roughly $66,200 annually. As a Physical Therapist in Pennsylvania, you have the opportunity to earn higher than average wages. The median Pennsylvania physical therapist salary is $70,900.  

The following list is comprised of the ten largest cities in Pennsylvania and the current salary a licensed Physical Therapist can expect to earn in each of the cities.

Harrisburg, $73,000
Philadelphia, $82,000
Levittown, $84,000
Pittsburgh, $83,000
Bethlehem, $76,000
Erie, $74,000
Hershey, $83,000
Scranton, $56,000
State College, $71,000
York, $74,000


Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Associations

The Pennsylvania Department of State, State Board of Physical Therapy is the governing body of the practice of Physical Therapy in Pennsylvania. The Board is responsible to determine the requirements applicants must meet to become and practice as licensed physical therapists in Pennsylvania.

State Board of Physical Therapy
P.O. Box 2649
Harrisburg, PA 17105

The Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association represents the practice of Physical Therapists in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PPTA advocates for advancement in the art and science of the Physical Therapist profession.

Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association
4646 Smith St
Harrisburg, PA

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