How to Become a Radiology Tech in Pennsylvania - PA

The profession of radiologic technologist is not specifically licensed by the state of Pennsylvania. This means that one does not need to specifically provide an application to the state for review, and receive a license in order to practice as a radiologic technologist. The State of Pennsylvania Board of Medicine does, however, regulate the performance of radiologic procedures by persons other than a medical or osteopathic doctor, dentist, podiatrist or chiropractor. The law states that a person may perform radiographic procedures under the direct supervision of a doctor on the premises if 1) the person has taken and passed the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (AART) Examination in Radiography, and is regarded as certified by the ARRT, or 2) pass the examination administered by the Pennsylvania State Boards of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine.

In order to sit for the AART Examination in Radiography, a person must complete a radiologic technologist education program that is certified by the JRCERT – the Joint Review Committee on Education of Radiologic Technologists. Once the student has graduated from a JRCERT – accredited education program, then s/he may apply to sit for the examination. Once the student successfully completes the exam, then s/he may begin practicing as a radiologic technologist in the state of Pennsylvania. After the student is certified s/he must practice in accordance to Pennsylvania law, the ARRT Code of Ethics, and must complete continuing education in accordance to the standards of the ARRT. There are several Pennsylvania radiology tech training programs available as well as online education options.

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