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Become a Vet Tech in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to one of the best equine veterinary hospitals in the nation. Along with excellent veterinary care, the veterinary technicians that work at the facility are experts in the field of equine nursing. Likewise, the companion animal veterinary hospital is equally well known and employs veterinary technicians with the highest of knowledge. Opportunities for employment are not limited to higher education facilities. Many veterinary clinics also employ high quality veterinary technicians and promote their excellence and continued growth.  In Pennsylvania, vet tech programs are designed around providing the highest quality care to discriminating clients.

How to Become a Veterinary Technician in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the nomenclature of Certified Veterinary Technician is used. Initial certification can be obtained by submitting to the Pennsylvania State Board of Veterinary Medicine the following documentation:

  • The appropriate application
  • Proof of passage of the VTNE – Veterinary Technician National Exam. Application to Professional Credentialing Services must be made 60 days prior to taking the VTNE
  • Paying the required fees
  • Passing a proficiency exam as determined by the Board
  • If applicable, submitting a letter from each state where a credential is already held, indicating the credential is in good standing

Pennsylvania also offers certification by endorsement for veterinary technicians. Candidates can find the appropriate forms for submission on the Board website –

Renewal of a certification credential is required every 2 years. Veterinary technicians are required to have earned 16 hours of continuing education in the previous 2 years. Approved providers of continuing education include approved schools, regional organization conferences, veterinary medical associations, etc. If an agency is not on the approved provider list, they can petition the Board for approval prior to the meeting date.

If a veterinary technician is not practicing, he/she can request inactive status for the credential. It can be reactivated at any time provided the following is met:

  • CE requirements at the time of reactivation are met
  • The current renewal fee is paid
  • The candidate signs an affidavit that they have not bee working for the indicated time period

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