Pennsylvania Vet Tech Salaries

Professional Associations for Pennsylvania Vet Techs

In Pennsylvania, there is an organization established to represent the best interests of the veterinary technicians in the state. The PVTA – Pennsylvania Veterinary Technician Association www.pvta.affiniscape.com is an organization managed by a group of volunteers. They hold offices of power and follow the association’s constitution and bylaws to work on behalf of their members. The Pennsylvania Veterinary Technician Association strives to provide optimal communication about all that is happening around the state to all of its members. They also watch events around the nation and the world, as they relate to veterinary technology, and relay that information to their members as well. They offer continuing education to assist the veterinary technicians with meeting the 16 hours of continuing education required every 2 years for credential renewal. The association offers online membership application and renewal as well as online continuing education registration.

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