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Personal Trainer Course Through Military Education Benefits

Personal Training Courses Through the Montgomery GI Bill

If you missed out on the opportunity to become a personal trainer during your military service, or if you simply want to use your military experience to become a personal trainer once your service is complete, the GI Bill is a great way to do it. Personal training courses through the Montgomery GI Bill will prepare you for a successful civilian career in the service of others. While a college degree is not required for most personal trainers, receiving a degree in a physical fitness-related field can certainly help you to land a job in this area following your military service. And, since civilian personal trainers make a very healthy $63,000 per year on average, according to, it may be a very smart thing to do. Here is how to become a personal trainer in the civilian world using your military education benefits:

  1. Find military recruiters before your service start date and ask them about the possibilities for education while you serve and after you serve. Make sure to poll more than one military branch, since one branch may provide you with better opportunities in the area of education than others.
  2. Pick apart your enlistment contract. Make absolutely certain that the GI Bill will be available to you. As long as you make a small monthly payment throughout your first year of duty, the GI Bill should be yours for the taking once you are eligible to use it (more on this in the next section). You may take as many as four years of courses to advance your personal training education through the GI Bill.

Here’s what to do when you the GI Bill is made available to you:

  1. Pick from the many personal trainer schools– a college, university, or trade school – that you want to attend and that has the physical health-related program that is best for you. To make certain that this school accepts the GI Bill, check with the Veterans Administration online, or speak with a school representative. (Note: Although a degree is not required, there are now several schools that offer a degree in personal training.)
  2. Fill out and submit the GI Bill application, which can be received through (888) GIBILL-1, the Web site for the Veterans Administration, or through your school’s department of financial aid. (Note: You do not need to select a school prior to completing the GI Bill application.)

The GI Bill will pay for all of your school-related fees once you are approved.

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