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Pharmacy Technician Colleges With GI Bill Benefits

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician: GI Bill Benefits and Eligibility

The great thing about joining the U.S. Armed Forces is that you use GI Bill benefits to attend pharmacy technician colleges while you are an active military member. The Armed Forces will pay for all of your tuition and class fees if the pharmacy technician training are tied into your career specialty, and the military will still pay for 75 percent of your class-related expenses even if the courses are not career specialty-related

Once you complete your military service or have served for two years, you can attend pharmacy technician colleges with GI Bill Benefits. Once your service is finished, the Armed Forces will allow you ten years to pursue pharmacy tech education through the VA GI Bill.

You are also encouraged to bypass pharmacy technician courses by testing out of them while you are on active duty. You can do this through DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support). Learn more about this program by visiting reports that prescription drugs and medicine are vital to the treatment of military personnel. Physicians and patients in the U.S. Armed Forces depend upon these prescriptions, so they depend upon pharmacists to fill them correctly.

This is where the pharmacy technician comes in. The pharmacy technician’s job is to prepare and dispense drugs that have been prescribed by physicians or pharmacists, along with maintaining records and supplies with pharmacies.

Other charges for pharmacy technicians include the following:

  • Store drug and medication shipments.
  • Prepare prescription labels.
  • Mix the proper ingredients that produce the correct prescription medications.
  • Measure and weigh chemicals and drugs.
  • Read prescriptions from physicians to decipher the correct drugs and drug amounts to provide patients.



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