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Pharmacy Tech Certificate Through Veterans Education Benefits

At $49,000 per year, according to, the average military pharmacy technician’s annual salary is much higher than the salary of the average American. What’s more, the military can provide you with an avenue to receive an education in this field. The U.S. Army, for example, provides its personnel with a starting wage of $14,400 per year. On top of that, enlistees receive many free perks, including health care, food, clothing, and housing. This may allow an enlisted Army soldier to use those wages for pharmacy technician classes.

Pharmacy Technician Certification Through the Post 911 GI Bill

After two years of military service you become eligible to make use of your GI Bill Benefits. This means you don’t have to wait to complete your military service to earn your pharmacy technician certification through the post 911 GI Bill. Those who chose to focus on their military service first can earn a pharmacy tech certificate through veterans’ education benefits.

  1. Go through a pharmacy technician certification program. These are typically one year long and can be taken at a vocational school, technical college, or community college.
  2. It’s a good idea to gain real-world work experience as a pharmacy assistant while you are enrolled in the program. Pharmacy assistants typically have fewer complicated tasks than pharmacy technicians, as they typically serve as cashiers or clerks, or are used to make sure that shelves are fully stocked. This work experience will likely allow you to more easily find a job as a pharmacy technician in the military and civilian world once your program is complete.
  3. Successfully complete the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. You will take this exam once you graduate from your certification program. While this exam is not required, it will allow you to formalize your education, and will demonstrate to employers that you have certain skills and knowledge. It will also provide you with the invaluable title of Certified Pharmacy Technician.
  4. Complete ten hours of continuing education courses in the pharmacy technician field every year to remain certified.



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