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Phlebotomist Training in Florida - FL

For phlebotomists in the state of Florida certification is not mandated, however, the better the certification you can present for employment the higher you’ll be regarded.  This impacts not only your qualifications for employment in desirable positions but also the salary level you can seek. 

In Florida, phlebotomy training can vary in length from 6-12 weeks to several months or a year or more depending on the level of certification and the mode of study and training you desire.   Programs approved by The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) are held in the highest regard because of their strong standards and thoroughness in training.   This can be accomplished through online courses or courses at community and state colleges together with practical training.  For specific information regarding accredited programs in Florida go to  .

To continue learning after you complete your initial training program and gain continuing education units (CEUs) is very important.   For advanced certification or to expand your career to other levels in the field, these CEUs oftentimes are required.  It is critically important to be updated and aware of the rapid changes taking place in this field as medical research brings new information and new techniques.  As you gain years of experience this continued study and acquiring of CEUs gives heightened proof of your competency toward seeking a higher employment level.

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