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Physical Therapy Aide Programs in Kansas – KS

Caring professionals who would like to immerse themselves in different healthcare occupations than specific nursing paths should consider enrolling in physical therapy aide programs in Kansas.  These typically consist of on-the-job training. 

A physical therapy aide provides support to either a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant, and generally does not require any formal degree or certification.  This makes the PT aide position attractive to those who may not have the goal of pursuing a degree in physical therapy, but desire to help patients regain or restore functionality.  As a physical therapy aide, he or she can still participate in a people-oriented profession.

Brief Overview of PT Aide On-the-Job Training

A physical therapy aide’s key responsibility is to make the physical therapist’s job easier and more productive.  The PT aide learns to do this through on-the-job training under the direct supervision of a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant.  A PT aide may learn to do any or all of the following tasks, depending on the particular job setting:

  • Clean and prep treatment areas.
  • Assist patients with preparing for treatment.
  • Help patients with limited mobility move to and from treatment areas.
  • Keep therapy supplies stocked up.
  • Complete clerical tasks, such as ordering supplies; maintaining patient records; filling out insurance forms; and answering the phone.

A PT aide does NOT perform clinical tasks or treatments; these are reserved for physical therapists and physical therapy assistants, all o f whom have earned their respective degrees and acquired the appropriate certifications and licenses.

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