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Physical Therapy Aide Programs in Kentucky – KY

Most programs for physical therapy aides in Kentucky consist of on-the-job clinical training with a potential employer, as this healthcare position does not require any formal degree or professional certification.

 The primary responsibility for a physical therapy aide is to support the physical therapist or the physical therapy assistant.  Since a PT Aide doesn’t need to earn a degree or acquire certification, this career option is attractive to those who still desire to work in a profession helping people regain a measure of independence through improved functionality.

Brief Overview of PT Aide On-the-Job Training

A physical therapy aide provides the valuable service of easing the physical therapist’s schedule and increasing his or her productivity.  As a physical therapist or assistant provides field training and practical application for the PT Aide, he or she learns to fulfill a flexible role that may include a combination of tasks, such as the following:

  • Help patients prepare for treatment.
  • Assist patients who have limited mobility when they must travel from one treatment area to another.
  • Stock therapy supplies.
  • Keep treatment areas clean and equipped.
  • Complete various clerical tasks, including filling out insurance forms; ordering supplies; maintaining patient records; and answering the phone.

Physical therapists and therapy assistants, with their required degrees, certifications, and licenses, are the only ones who execute clinical tasks and treatments; a physical therapy aide may NOT engage in any form of clinical procedure.

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