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Physical Therapy Aide Programs in Michigan – MI

People who enjoy working with individuals to restore functionality in their lives may want to consider enrolling in physical therapy aide programs in Michigan.  Fortunately, a physical therapy aide can usually receive his or her clinical training with the physical therapist or physical therapy assistant who plans to hire the aide.  A physical therapy aide typically does not require an official degree or certificate.

 A physical therapy aide fills a supportive role for the physical therapist or assistant, allowing him or her to provide more frequent direct patient care.  This is a winning situation for all concerned, if the PTA does not desire to pursue a degree, yet wants to be involved in a caring profession such as physical therapy.

Brief Overview of PTA On-the-Job Training

As a physical therapy assistant completes his or her on-the-job training, he or she learns how to simplify the physical therapist’s or assistant’s job, helping the team to be more productive.  While a PTA’s tasks may vary dependent on any particular job setting, the following are typical:

  • Assist patients who must prepare for treatment and help them move from one treatment area to another, if they have limited mobility.
  • Keep treatment areas cleaned and prepped.
  • Stock therapy supplies and reorder as needed.
  • Fulfill other clerical tasks, including answering the phone, filling out insurance forms, and maintaining patient records.

Since a physical therapy aide does not have a professional degree or certification, he or she is not authorized to execute clinical treatments or related tasks.

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