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Physical Therapy Aide Program in New York – NY

Although some entry-level professionals receive clinical training by completing a formal educational program, the most common form of physical therapy aid training in New York is short-term on-the-training. This trend is most likely the result of the lack of government regulations regarding required education for this profession. Occupational training is primarily administered by the physical therapy assistants and licensed physical therapists that supervise physical therapy aides in the workplace.

Most training is intended to show entry-level physical therapy aides how to perform basic tasks associated with the position including how to prepare both the patients and the work site for physical therapy. In addition, training is also designed to familiarize new employees with the various tools and technology used in physical therapy and/or physical therapy aides. For example, physical therapy aides are often trained in the proper handling, functions, and mechanics of common physical therapy tools such as canes, clinical hydraulic lifts, crutches, electronic blood pressure units, gait belts, lower and upper extremity prosthetic devices, parallel bars, walkers, wheelchairs, blood pressure cuffs, anti-embolism elastic stockings, and hot/cold packs.

Likewise, physical therapy aides are also usually trained to properly utilize different types of technology needed to perform clerical duties associated with the occupation including scheduling software, patient record maintenance software, Microsoft Excel, word processing software, personal computers, and notebook computers.

Physical Therapy Aide Schools in New York

Since there are no official educational requirements for physical therapy aides, professionals with this occupation in New York often have varying education backgrounds. Studies conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that 10.6% of physical therapy aides employed throughout the state only have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED). In addition, 15.9% have completed some academic courses through private or state colleges. However, most physical therapy aides (50.5%) hold an associate’s degree, while 16.1% hold a bachelor’s degree prior to gaining employment.

Since approximately half of all physical therapy aides in New York hold an associate’s degree, students that likewise wish to earn an undergraduate degree in the field may locate programs through colleges and community colleges in cities such as Binghamton, Buffalo, Brooklyn, New York City, Canton, Sanborn, Long Island City, Batavia, Selden, Herkimer, Middletown, Garden City, and Syracuse. The most popular associate degree among physical therapy aide schools in New York is an Associate of Applied Science in Physical Therapy Assistant. Yet, by completing an online program from an out of state school, students can also earn a Diploma in Physical Therapy Aide. Typically, the curriculum found in most schools and programs consist of courses related to human biology, patient care, rehabilitation, physical therapy, human development, psychology, first-aid, and musculoskeletal anatomy.

Physical Therapy Aide Salary in New York

Physical therapy aides are expected to benefit from increasing job opportunities in the coming decade, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2008, there were approximately 2,470 physical therapy aides employed across the state. However, this number is expected to climb to nearly 3,250 by 2008, which equates to a 32% occupational growth rate. An estimated 72% of all physical therapy aides are employed in health practitioners’ offices and hospitals. Therefore, professionals that prefer to work in larger cities like New York, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, and Syracuse are encouraged to look for open positions at major medical centers and hospitals such as Presbyterian Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, St. Luke's Hospital, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, and Brookdale Hospital. 

Currently, the median physical therapy aide salary in New York is $25,900/yr. and the median wage average is $12.46/hr. The average salaries for physical therapy aides working in some of the top industries of employment for this occupation nationwide are as follows: nursing care facilities ($26,530/yr.), general medical and surgical hospitals ($24,780/yr.), specialty hospitals ($24,590/yr.), offices of physicians ($23,730/yr.), and offices of other health care practitioners ($22,550/yr.). However, industry of employment is not the only factor that impacts physical therapy aide salaries. In fact, salaries in New York could vary depending on an employee’s level of formal education and training, amount of previous work experience, and geographic location as well.

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