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Physical Therapy Aide Job in Michigan - MI

A healthcare professional who has finished all the required training may enter his or her new career by confirming a physical therapy aide job in Michigan.  Considering the physical therapist or physical therapy assistant provides on-the-job training in most cases, a physical therapy aide (PTA) can usually plan on working for that employer.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as of its 2008 statistics, defined several settings that usually employ physical therapy aides, including hospitals and outpatient care centers, home healthcare, and nursing care facilities.  The BLS figures stated, however, that more than 70 percent of physical therapy aide jobs are usually available in offices belonging to physical therapists and a variety of other healthcare practitioners.

Career Outlook

BLS figures revealed that physical therapy, like other healthcare careers, will grow at a faster rate than many other careers.  In fact, up through 2018, physical therapy careers will grow at 35 percent, which is “much faster than average.�?  The ongoing and growing demand for physical therapy professionals is the result of several contributing factors.

For instance, more employers have expressed interest in healthier lifestyles for their employees, including seeking physical therapy services when necessary.  The elderly population and their related health concerns continue to require the services of physical therapy professionals.  As physical therapy aides gain experience in an assortment of settings and skills, they can help physical therapists and assistants cut costs of service delivery, as well as manage a greater caseload of patients.

Potential Employment Opportunities

As of March 2011, displayed close to 140 openings for physical therapy jobs, including physical therapists, and physical therapy assistant and aide positions.  These job openings were statewide, in numerous settings and locations, including some of the top healthcare employers in Michigan: Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit, Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, and William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak.

The Children's Hospital of Michigan is part of the Detroit hospital system, recognized as an “academically-integrated�? healthcare leader and southeast Michigan’s largest healthcare provider.  The Children’s Hospital also employs a full range of physical therapy professionals for their rehabilitation services.  The Henry Ford Health System serves as one of the leading healthcare providers in the nation.  Henry Ford Hospital is one of several within the system, offering physical therapy inpatient and outpatient services, including home health visits for physical therapy services.  William Beaumont Hospital is actually a three-hospital regional medical center, with its main campus in Royal Oak.  Beaumont employs over 100 physical therapy professionals in its rehabilitation services department.

*Provided as examples for information only, not specific job offers.*

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