Physician Assistant Programs Through Veterans Education Benefits

Indeed.com says that the average physician’s assistant in the U.S. Armed Forces makes $51,000 per year, which puts this occupation solidly in the top 50 percent of American income earners, according to yahoo.com.
Those who wish to receive a college degree en route to becoming a physician’s assistant will find the military to be a very attractive option. Enlisted military officers can benefit from the Montgomery GI Bill, which will cover all tuition and fees for military veterans. Also, certain military branches – including the U.S. Army – pay enlistees $14,400 per year, along with free medical benefits, food, and housing. With so many expenses covered, this annual physician assistant salary can be used to attend physician’s assistant courses while enlisted.

GI Bill Eligibility and Benefits for Physician’s Assistant Training

Active members of the military who would like to pursue a physician assistant program through the post 911 GI Bill are advised and encouraged to take advantage of classes in the area of physician assistanting while serving in the military. While serving on active duty, 100 percent of tuition costs and educational fees will be covered as long as the courses are in the area of that officer’s specified military career. However, even if the classes are unrelated, your branch of the military will provide you with 75 percent of your educational costs.

Veterans of the U.S. military can make use of the GI Bill following two years of military service or following a separation from the military. These benefits can be used for a maximum of ten years after the separation date.

The GI Bill covers as many as 36 full-time months of academics. Those enlisted officers who wish to become a physician’s assistant once their military service is complete are encouraged to attempt to skip a lot of necessary college courses via the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) program. Go to http://www.military.com/timesaving-programs/defense-activity-for-non-traditional-education-support-dantes to learn more about DANTES.

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