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Become a Pilates Instructor in Kentucky - KY

Pilates instructors work to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. This is a rewarding profession, both emotionally and monetarily. This is why many students are discovering the joy of learning how to become a Pilates teacher in Kentucky. Pilates teacher certification in Kentucky is not necessary but is desirable for those who want to enter this field, in which both certified and non-certified teachers are in high demand.

Before entering a Pilates instruction program and pursuing certification, it is important that you have some personal experience taking Pilates classes. While there are many options for certification, some organizations are more recognizable in certain states than others. The Pilates Sports Center (PSC) certification is popular among Pilates instructors in Kentucky. This certification program is internationally accredited and requires 450 hours of study, making it one of the most comprehensive Pilates certification programs in the world. It combines both east and west coast Pilates philosophies and methods and certifies instructors on all Pilates equipment. In the PSC certification program, students do not graduate and become certified until they pass an exit interview. Examinations are mostly oral and practical, testing students on curriculum developed by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). Students who become PSC certified may opt to pursue PSC Masters certification, which will allow them to host thier own PSC teacher training program.

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