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Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Programs in Alabama - AL

What do psychiatric nurse practitioners do?

Psychiatric and mental health (PMH) is one of the specializations available to advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). Advance PMH nurses work under the title of psychiatric nurse practitioners in Alabama. They have post basic education in psychiatry including advanced subjects such as pharmacology, mental health assessment, and pathophysiology. They also undergo more than 600 hours of clinical, supervised training within the PMH specialty. The profession has its roots in the nursing field; therefore psychiatric nurse practitioners also provide education on mental health issues and treatment options so that people can make more informed decisions.

What are the requirements for becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner in Alabama?

According to Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN), the requirements for advanced practice in psychiatrics and mental health are:

  • Currently active Alabama registered nurse (RN) license
  • Graduate degree in advanced practice nursing (APN), usually a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), in the PMH category
  • A certification in the advanced PMH specialty granted by a recognized national certifying agency. The specialty of the certification should be consistent with the graduate degree.
  • Meet the continuing education and ongoing certification requirements

What schools and programs can prepare me for the role of a psychiatric nurse practitioner?

There are a few psychiatric nurse practitioner programs in Alabama that can prepare you for the national certification examination. You can find an approved MSN program in PMH located in Alabama’s university campuses or you can enroll in one of the increasingly popular online programs.

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