Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs in District of Columbia - Washington, DC | Mental Health

Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Programs in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

The number of adult citizens in the District of Columbia reporting poor mental health is quite similar to the national average, based on information provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation’s website About 33.5% of all adult citizens in the District of Columbia report poor mental health, in comparison to the national average of 33.3%. This statistic could help to explain the reason that some registered nurses are contemplating enrolling in psychiatric nurse practitioner programs within The District. There’s a great need for mental health practitioners in the District of Columbia, as there is all across the country, and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners can assist greatly in meeting this need.

Students in the District of Columbia who hold both a license to practice registered nursing and a bachelor’s degree can complete PMHNP programs online. Classes that are usually found in such programs cover child and adolescent mental health nursing as well as adult mental health nursing. Treatment categories include children, adults, families, and geriatric populations.

Internships are part of any PMHNP program, and take place at one of many different facilities. Examples of facilities in the DC area that would facilitate such internships include Washington Hospital Center, George Washington University Medical Center, and Georgetown University Hospital. After graduation, PMHNPs who become certified can seek employment in medical and psychiatric hospitals, prison systems, schools, outpatient centers, and community centers.

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