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Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Programs in Oklahoma - OK

According to, 18.3% of Oklahoma residents reported in 2009 that they had not seen a doctor in the past 12 months because of cost.  This source also lists Oklahoma as having 452 emergency room visits per 1000 residents in 2008 compared to a national rate of 404 per 1000 residents.  In 2010, Oklahoma only has 40 rural health care clinics as reported in

As is the case with other states, Oklahoma’s medical professionals struggle with the challenges of providing quality health care to community members.  A way to address this health care challenge is through patient care provided by nurse practitioners. Psychiatric nurse practitioners provide mental health care through patient evaluation, diagnosing mental health issues, and creating treatment plans using therapy or medication.  Prescription of medication in Oklahoma is done under a supervising physician who serves as the prescriptive authority.   

Psychiatric nurse practitioner programs train graduates to provide quality mental health care.  These programs are either grounded or online. According to the Oklahoma Nursing Practice Act, nurse practitioner programs must meet the following requirements: be a specialty program that applies measureable objectives to evaluate the scope of practice; provide theoretical and clinical information based upon program objectives; and be an accredited nursing program that is university-based or university-affiliated. 

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