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Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Programs in Pennsylvania - PA

The mental health nurse practitioner programs in Pennsylvania begin with earning an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN), a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and further receiving licensure as a registered nurse (RN). The next step in becoming a Pennsylvania psychiatric nurse practitioner involves enrolling in an accredited Master of Science in Nursing program that offers a Psychiatric or Mental Health Nurse Practitioner track. For a list of accredited schools, visit the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing.

It takes approximately six years, from the start of a nursing education through completion of an MSN. The quickest track to becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner involves initial enrollment in an ADN program and continuing on the nursing education path. Often, individuals with a non-medical bachelor’s decide to become nurse practitioners. In this case, there are programs available, though it will take significant time to achieve the required number of clinical hours and complete prerequisite coursework.

Following completion of a Pennsylvania mental nurse practitioner program, individuals undergo national certification. According to the American Nurses Credentialing Center, applicants must hold a current RN license, have a minimum of two years of full-time registered nursing experience, provide proof of a minimum of 2,000 hours of clinical training in psychiatric mental health nursing obtained within the last three years, and provide evidence of 30 completed hours of continuing education in psychiatric mental health nursing within the most current three years. After these criteria have been met, individuals may apply for certification and examination.

Mental health nurse practitioners in Pennsylvania often choose to work in facilities such as Albert Einstein Medical Center, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Saint Luke's Hospitals and Temple University Hospital.

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