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Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Programs in Rhode Island - RI

The primary function of psychiatric nurse practitioners is to promote the mental well-being of all individuals, regardless of age. The job of these mental health nurse practitioners is to collaborate with other medical specialists and the patient to establish a plan of treatment. The job of a mental health nurse practitioner includes continual education, practice, and research to stay up-to-date on courses of treatment.

Rhode Island has a particular need for its psychiatric nurse practitioners. According to, Rhode Island ranks 4th in the nation for per capita resident population with serious mental illness. Further, it ranks 2nd for individuals with serious psychological distress. These statistics alone further the likelihood that there is a significant demand for individuals in the mental health field.

Psychiatric nurse practitioner programs in Rhode Island and throughout the US begin long before certification is achieved. Individuals must hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and a current RN license before entering the Master of Science in Nursing program. After enrolling in a Rhode Island mental health nurse practitioner program, individuals select a mental health nurse practitioner specialization that leads them down an educational path focused primarily on psychiatrics.  Courses include difficult, but essential classroom work, along with hands-on clinical experience.

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