Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Programs in Wisconsin - WI

According to the State of Wisconsin Board of Nursing, a nurse practitioner in Wisconsin is referred to as an advanced practice nurse.  An advance practice nurse who has been certified to prescribe medications would be referred to as an advanced practice nurse prescriber.  The advanced practice nurse prescriber must be a collaborative member of the mental health care team and work closely with a physician.  Psychiatric nurse practitioners provide care through patient evaluation, diagnosing medical issues, and creating treatment plans using therapy or medications.

According to the State of Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing, psychiatric nurse practitioner programs would need to be graduate nursing or related programs at the master's level or higher.  The program would need to include at least 45 contact hours of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. 

According to statehealthfacts.org, in 2004 Wisconsin spent $5,670 per capita on healthcare compared to a national average of $5,283 per capita.  This statistic illustrates the commitment that Wisconsin has toward the medical care of its citizens.  Mental health nurse practitioner programs, whether online or grounded, would provide the education necessary to provide mental health care to the residents of Wisconsin across the entire lifespan.

Psychiatric Nurse Schools